Monday, February 4, 2008

February 4, 2008

Gary began his next round of chemo, Gemzar, on Friday, February 1st. He was suppose to start it the week that the Guillain Barre hit, so it has been detained about six weeks. He is given it intervenously, a 2 hour drip, every Friday at the new Huntsman Intermountain Health Care facility on 53rd So. in Murray. It will be administered to him every week for three weeks - then a week off - then three weeks again, etc. indefinitely. He has felt flu-like symtoms from it. We, of course, do not know our future. The chemo treatment's intent is to aid in the pancreatic cancer symtoms in the digestive system. It will not cure the cancer, but hopefully control it. We are still hoping for the best for a little more extension on his life.
The Guillain Barre syndrome in his body is about 85-90% cured. The remaining percentage could take months to return completely. It is a blessing for him to be able to walk and function!
Thank you for your love and prayers. We feel them immensely!