Saturday, January 5, 2008

Gary will be coming home today and will continue with out-patient therapy. He is getting stronger and more coordinated each day, but he is not able to walk on his own yet - hopefully soon. We're grateful for his progress since he couldn't do anything at first!
Lots of love, Glenda


Christie said...

I've been thinking about Gary for some time. We've included him in our prayers but didn't know exactly how he was doing. After calling today and finding out more today about the severity of the situation and new complications, I reflect back on the time that we worked together in the Sunday School Presidency in the Riverwoods Ward. The Sunday School Presidency is not a flashy calling but does require important work with steadiness and commitment. I will always be grateful for the spirit and the commitment and friendship that Gary provided whether it was taking the unexpected class, teacher improvement or just trying to make sure all the teenagers were in the right place. Gary, I'll look forward to visiting with you soon. May the Lord bless you. Franklin Lewis

Christie said...

The previous message is from Franklin (not Christie) Lewis